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i am illustrious

professional teeth whitening

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Web Store

Mini Teeth Whitening Pen



▪ For a super sexy, illustrious smile!

▪ No messy mouth trays required!

▪ No refrigeration required!

▪ Teeth get whiter with each application!

▪ Convenient and easy to use!

▪ Guaranteed results!

▪ Roughly enough for about 15 applications!

Product Description: This Mini Teeth Whitening Pen has advanced gel that will continue to maintain your ILLUSTRIOUS smile in between visits. It is so convenient and easy to use: just smile and brush on some gel! Your smile will get whiter with each application, results vary. Optimal results are typically best after a relatively recent “in-office” iamillustrious teeth whitening procedure. It is perfect for touch-ups and on-the-go whitening.

Whitening Agent: 9% Hydrogen Peroxide

Instructions: ▪ Remove cover of pen and twist the base until a “raindrop” sized bead of gel appears on the brush tip. ▪ Smile wide and apply a thin layer of gel (approximately 1 mm) to teeth surfaces that show when you smile. ▪ Twist handle again to get more gel when needed. Try not to get any gel on your gums and lips. ▪ After application hold your smile for 20 seconds and then relax lips. ▪ Let gel activate for 10-15 minutes, swallowing is safe during activation. ▪ Take a sip of water after activation time, swish for 10 seconds and dispose of remaining gel in the sink. ▪ Do not eat or drink anything except water for 1 hour. ▪ Repeat steps as often to your discretion, but no more than 2 x daily, remember less is more and everything in moderation!

*Enamel pores will remain open for as long as you use the whitening pen. You should refrain from staining agents until you stop using the pen. Only after 24 hours you conclude the touch-up pen treatment you can resume your normal habits.


1. For best results, use with a cheek retractor. Keep the cheek retractor in place for at least 15 minutes.

2. Use once or twice daily, without skipping, until desired results are achieved.

3. Make sure to book your next in-office teeth whitening treatment in 4-6 months!


IMPORTANT: Delivery charges by Canada Post or Private Courier is TBD in addition to purchase.

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